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  • flower 

    Commenting on the East/West Drill Team Drama, I do not believe that there will ever be any answers regarding TKB spending. No one will ever give a break down. How can TKB and the dance team be separate entities when the dance team girls are required to fundraise for TKB. Are they separate entities because of the two bank accounts?
    As for the rumor about (money, inventory) being split equaly, I heard East Dance Team has not received anything..East has started out with a 0 balance. How is that for equality.
    As far as the rumor that East is the beast and West is the best, how is this saying justifiable when VISD is claiming that both schools are equal? What do these people know about West that the rest of Victoria doesn't know? Or who ever is saying this saying it to feel better about themselves? The people of Victoria need to remember before the splitting of the schools our students were friends. Jealousy and hatred gets us no where.

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