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  • netgrl01 

    Okay the park is alright don't get me wrong, but most people who don't have children have to think of something to do if the volleyball or disk golf is taken up. and.. what did happen to the Zoo I thought it was going to be expanded or something, now I would actually put my money into a project like that. The kids and teenagers really don't have anything to do like the movies really is too expensive for them. I mean this is a growing town put the prices our almost close to those of a really big city. If we could have a theme park I don't think the city would build it because they would come up with the excuse, that they wouldn't know where to build it or how to fund it.. but yet how much did they put into the sidewalks? and yet I can't drive through my own neiborhood street without worrying about all of the bumps and potholes.I think they should build a theatre for band concerts, because they go to corpus all the time and it's not much bigger than we are and have you seen their venue im sure we could do better and that would rake in all the money everyone is fussing about.

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