Just a Texas girl who was lucky enough to grow up in the best part of the best state in the whole dang union! I'm a mom, grandmother, and retired teacher who likes to chat with my fellow south Texans about things going on in our area, our state, and our country.

I'm part consertive and part liberal. I appreciate people who use good common sense and a good sense of humor. I take issue with things that are void of either. I believe that life is as complicated as a person makes it...and since life is so short...we should all try hard to make it as uncomplicated as possible. Unlike my blog name...I am not all that crabby...but I am a true Texan and from time to time find something that just gets caught in my "crab trap" and my Texan just pops out.

I look forward to discussing the issues of the day with my fellow bloggers.