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  • patti 

    Very Interesting but a closer look is required.

    3 fights at the same location with the same people. Kicked out of bar after first fight. Two more fights in parking lot and stabbings.

    Bar has SECUIRTY you see them walking around with the word security on all of their shirts.

    The newspaper states they have received a ticket for not reporting similar incidents. Seems to be a problem here.

    The bottom line is when you allow people to just get drunk in a bar and don't care then you have this happen.

    As the tabc guy said we are looking into an aggravated breach of the peace. i would think this is serious. All I know is when you have the same group invlved in three seperate fights and did not do anything after the first fight much less on your second opportunity with the second fight then you get three people stabbed in the third fight you are not smarter than a fifth grader.

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  • patti 

    What is the real story here. Everyone says they were all at Cowgirls and drunk as heck when they left. Is anyone looking at this? Everyone knows these people at Cowgirls don't care. Just get them drinking is all they care about.

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