July 9, 1945


What about me?

I am very recently retired, and was lucky to be able to retire at a rather young age.

I was raised in deep South Texas and was 100% certified bonafide oilfield trash and damn proud of it.

I was an old Hippy....and did all the Hippy stuff and believed all the Hippy Garbage....until I got a job....started paying taxes and then became a Republican.....though I would probably be considered a rather liberal Republican.  I am pro-choice.....I don't believe in abortion, but I have worked in healthcare and have seen what making abortions illegal can cause.  I vehemently believe in stem cell research and believe it is archaic and idiotic that our government is not supporting that.  I believe that illegal immigration will be the downfall of America as we know it.....and that the Republicans better wake up before we are totally taken over by Mexico.

I am an avid reader and a computer nut.....I bought my first computer in about cost $3000 and did not even have an internal hard drive....all storage was on floppies...I love the ability the internet gives me to research and learn.  I have always loved libraries and books and the Internet is the ultimate library.

I went to college and majored in English because I wanted to write the great American Novel....good way to starve.  I later went back to school and ended up in the Healthcare business.

I was around during VietNam....I had friends who died and because of some personal eperiences during that time have some real hate for John Kerry and Jane Fonda (they are two of the people who I feel are truly evil)....they should have been tried and executed as traitors for that is what they are.  Their actions caused more pain they anyone can even imagine.

I truly do not have a racially prejudiced bone in my body.....Racism is synonymous with stupidity.  However I am prejudiced against anyone, any color, any size, any hair color....who feels the government owes them something and is only here for a free ride.

I like to think I am a free thinker.....And don't really attach myself to any group too much....too confining.

I think big organized religion, like big organized government can turn corrupt in a heartbeat and I am very leary of it.....However, I talk to Jesus every day...and I KNOW  beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is an afterlife.  I have talked to a lot of people who have been there....even some who went to the bad place instead of the all loving light.

I believe that if you base your beliefs on "An Eye for and Eye and a Tooth for Tooth" will end up with a life full of blind and toothless people.  Forgive....put yourself in the other person's place and forget.   Anger and revenge is like will eat you alive.

I have known exactly 4 people in my life that you could say I hated or disliked intensely.  All four were evil and possessed people.  My friends say that I could find good in Charlie Manson or Jeffrey Dahmer.....and I can, in both cases.  I believe that everyone does things for a reason....that as a believer in the love of Jesus in my life, I should try to find that reason....maybe I can influence it and maybe I cannot.  But by taking the time to find it, I will understand and accept what that person does and why.

I believe that when you die, Jesus is going to ask you one question...It will be "Have you done everything with love?".....I was told this by a couple of people who died and then came back.  I believe we best prepare for that question.  No one will be able to say "yes".....but I damn sure want to be able to say "I tried".

Material things are not that important to me.....don't get me wrong I don't want to live on the street or in a tent.  I spend my money on travelling and do it a lot.  I have been blessed to have been able to travel a lot throughout my life, and to have lived in a foreign country.  No tours or formal cruises.....I like to mix among the what they eat, even if it is gross, and ask questions about their lives and about what they think of America.  I have learned a lot that way.

I am an animal lover and have always had a pet or pets.  My father loved animals and growing up in South Texas brush country, we had pet deer, racoons, possums, roadrunners, coyotes, tarantulas as well as the usual cats and dogs.  At one time I raised Boxers and think they are the most wonderful breed of dog, and I have owned several different breeds.  I presently have a boxer, a couple of cats and a bunch of fish.

My passion is Scuba Diving....It is the closest a poor grounded humanoid will ever get to being able to fly without a plane and the creatures of the sea are fascinating and amazing.  My goal is to dive every Caribbean island before I die.....and I am working on it, last count was around 16....but there are a lot of islands.

I also love to cook.....the ultimate gift of oneself is to cook a meal or make a gift for someone that you love.

And that is about it in a rather large nutshell.....