My civil rights have been violated in Victoria, my hometown. Were I a criminal, I would follow that statement with a litany of "who done what to me", denying my actions and lying about the actions of others.

On the contrary, I am a grateful product of Victoria's public schools, attending Crain Jr. High School, Victoria High School and Victoria Jr. College. I was rewarded as an honor student and served as a class officer each year, with the exception of one in college. I have no criminal record, nor have I been indicted for anything.

My choice when there is a question, is to be honest. It is easier to be honest and accept the consequences than to lie or try to cover up. It is also beneficial for the development of humility.

I watched as a hard working person left town, rather than watch her rights come to an end point. She was the victim of someone who was protected by Victoria law enforcement officials and district attorneys. She was not the first.

I was in a "safe environment" when the completely nonsexual trap was laid. I responded only with the common courtesy befitting those having conversation outside after church.

You will not believe what happened next. I know because i still do not.


Victoria, Texas


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I enjoy gardening. The half acre and pecan trees in Victoria kept me in good condition for fourteen years. The artifacts found beneath the mud on the Guadalupe River and Garcitas Creek grabbed my interest, along with the history before and after the dates that emerged. I read non-fiction books. My favotire hobby is to travel to cooler climates in summer and come home to Victoria in the fall. I spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family.


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