September 28, 1930


Tom has one character flaw that becomes obvious to any reader:  He can't keep a job.  He has been a sports writer, news reporter, TV newsman and TV talk show host., public relations manager for two companies, a chamber of commerce manager in Big Spring, Garland and Victoria, a school teacher, a policeman and a justice of the peace.

All those jobs had two things in common.  They were usually fun and paid very little money.

Retirement seemed to be more financially rewarding to Tom, but playing golf (often badly) six or seven times a week gets to be more like a job than a hobby.  He says fishing might be fun in the unlikely event he ever caught any fish.

Tom has three children by a first marriage and inherited two more in the second go-around.  He has umpteen grandchildren and even seven great-grandchildren, both genetic and step.  The line between those he inherited or those he actually fathered is blurred by years of affection, but he  is more than willing to take bloodline credit when any of them do something outstanding.

Tom's education is somewhat lacking.  He graduated 78th in a class of 77 from Monahans High School in west Texas and from North Texas State College (now the UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS!) after four years in the air force (ours).  He has a BA in journalism, but says he minored in English and history so he could get into the big bucks.

If this seems complimentary, it's because he wrote it, all in third person.