I would just like to thank Alex and James, the field organizers for Barack Obama’s campaign, for all of their help in the local area. Our work is far from over, but in the end it will all be worth it.
My experience so far has been like this. I began to support Barack financially from day one. I will admit, I don't agree with everything he believes in, but I love his ability to listen to differences and find a common ground for the greater good. I believe it's ultimately what will make improvements in this place we all share called Earth.

My husband didn't think Barack would make it this far. He thought this was a waste of our money, that there wasn't any hope for him as president of the United States. I knew he was wrong. My husband didn’t think I should purchase a yard sign because he wouldn’t make it this far into the race. Boy was he wrong. And, he’s glad he was wrong.
I am not someone who has ever been interested in politics. I am an activist and I believe in a voice and the power to make positive changes, but in politics...not a lot of faith. When I look at Barack and his accomplishments, his visions, his honesty about his life and vulnerabilities, it's what I desire in a leader. We need someone like him to help us move in the right direction. He has created for me an interest in politics that I never would have believed could happen.
For this campaign I've stepped out of my comfort zone for the greater good. I've stood in front of the election office by myself to show my support for Barack Obama. I've phoned people in California and Texas. I've canvassed. I've attended precinct captain training and ended up being elected as precinct Secretary and alternate delegate at the caucus (69 people at my precinct BTW...great turnout compared to the 2 people that attended four years ago). I actually helped someone out who didn't know they could preliminary vote and were going to be turned away. And, I seem to never shut up around my friends and family about my respect for Obama and how I share his desire for change.
I get criticized (of course) and slammed with negativity with a  repeat of empty and ignorant political garbage that seems all so familiar to people who only listen to the news instead of researching facts. The library of congress is a great starting point people! :-) It's all good though. I know how to defend my choice and I do so with a loving heart. I don't expect people to agree with my views, but I do expect people to respect mine as I do theirs. It's amazing how angry people can get over a difference in your heart's desires. Maybe there’s a missing element…no heart.
I will end with this...IT"S NOT OVER. I'm tired, over worked, under paid, I get little sleep due to other involvements and commitments, but I will not lose hope. Barack Obama has to become president…he just has to. We need someone with compassion, but who intelligently takes action. We need someone calm, but determined to make necessary changes. We need someone who inspires hope, but doesn’t promote fear. Maybe it's not what everyone wants, but it's what I want. To make this world a better place I think we need Barack’s leadership. We need this now, before it's too late.
Peace. Don't sleep.