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One of the things I like about high school sports is kids play the game the way it's supposed to be played. The games don't feature million dollar athletes. The looming threat of labor strife, or strikes, doesn't hang over the games. And the sports haven't become big business like most college sports have become.

The kids simply play for the love of the game. Most won't play competitively past the high school level. That passion comes through on the court or the field.

Take this past Friday night, for an example. Feeling the effects of a hurricane that hammered the Gulf, the Crossroads area got deluged with rain. Still, football games from Port Lavaca to Goliad to Victoria went on as scheduled. In Victoria, we were lucky with just sporadic rain. Not the case in Port Lavaca, where Advocate photographer Frank Tilley captured some great images of the game in rain. In Goliad, officials called the game over at halftime because the town lost power. You can't play if you can't see, although I heard the hometown band put on a great performance in the dark.

At Patti Welder Stadium in Victoria, I watched the St. Joseph Flyers play Taft on a soggy and slippery field. The Flyers won 18-0. Here's a highlight video from that game.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading (watching).

Thomas Martinez