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Today is the last day that TEJAS CAFE & BAR WILL EVER SEE ANY OF MY MONEY OR MY EXTENDED FAMILY & FRIENDS MONEY EVER AGAIN. In the last year we have given them multiple chances to get it right. And they have failed at every chance.

Early 2008 my father and I attended this restaurant to have a late lunch. Well, it started off well. We got our drinks quickly then well that was IT. We waited at least 45 min to get lunch menu items. We mentioned the time wait to the waitress and she just gives us an attitude and tells us to direct all complaints to the manager. Well, at that time we were not too upset with the situation so we let it slide. Given the previous time's we had been there it was outstanding service and food.

Moving on. The next visit took place Feb 2009 with myself and my husband. It was supposed to be a quick lunch. We only hoped they would have things right this time round because all aside we really had enjoyed there food items in the past. Obviously that's why we continued to come back. Well, were we ever WRONG this time round!!! Not only did we wait another close to an hour for lunch menu items AGAIN but when we mentioned the time wait once again this time the waitress went back to the cook and I could of swore World War II went down. I have never heard so many curse words and ugly language being exchanged in a public place such as this in my whole 28 yrs of life!!! It was awful. Everyone in the restaurant (which was like 10 people total) were just stunned. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. You would think that SOMEONE would come out and apologize...No One came out to apologize nor comp anything for having to hear and go through that. So, we paid quickly and left.

Now, on to the present visit. Which by far was the worst ever. Again, it started out good. And for once the food came in a timely manner. We were relieved. But, the enjoyment wouldn't last long. My husbands meal was called (if I'm not mistaken) a "FAJITAS SOMBRERO BOWL"" For $8.99. The taste wasn't the issue it was the amount in the bowl. It couldn't even fill a small child's stomach. Now on to mine. I had the beef fajitas for one w/ shrimp. It was by far the worst fajitas and shrimp I have ever had. And I have had plenty to know good from bad. The meat was dry and burned. And the shrimp I almost choked on a few times because they were not peeled properly. It was horrible to say the least. And I don't know if I should even touch on the kids food. There so called "PIZZA" was....well there is just no other word for it other than SUCKED!!!

So, after all this we mentioned it to the waitress and she even agreed that the amount it the "FAJITAS SOMBRERO BOWL" was little to none!!! I told her about the shrimp and fajitas and she asked if we would like to speak to the manager. Now let me make this clear before I go any further. I am not a confrontational person. I do not like drama nor do I like creating it, But if need be I'll get right with it. SO, after waiting 15 MIN for the manager to come out he asked if anyone has come to speak to us? WHAT???? Your the one were waiting on sir!!!! He asks the problem and I start out very calm and nicely by telling him A to Z of what was wrong. And the whole time he is just looking at us and saying "Well I will have to go speak to my Cook"....I cant even count how many times he said this. As if the cook is going to say something to persuade his decision. HELLLOOOO...we are your customer and we have an issue we should be your persuasion. NOT THE COOK. Talk to the cook after you have dealt with us. He never once said anything about halving the price of the "FAJITAS SOMBRERO BOWL". I had to ask if we could at least get half off this item because it was just so little for ($8.99). To give you an example of how little this item was the first thing that comes to my head is the beef taco salad at "DAIRY QUEEN" for like $5.99. Well, Dairy Queens item has 3 times as much of everything in it than this did. And that's a fast food place. COME ON!!!

In the end he just stood there like he would rather be chopping his limbs off than dealing with us so I just motioned for the waitress and asked for my check and as the manager walked off I SAID "YOU WILL NEVER GET SERVICE FROM ME OR ANYONE ELSE I KNOW AGAIN". He could of cared less. He just waived his hands in the air and said fine with me. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT. PITIFUL!!! Is it that wrong to ask of a little respect for just paying YOUR RESTAURANT $40 bucks for such disrespectful, distasteful, inappropriate, measly, FOOD and SERVICE experience. Well, you beat my bottom dollar it WILL NOT EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. LESSONED LEARNED.

So, restaurant connoisseur's such as myself... BEWARE...AND good luck to all who eat there. Let this be a clear warning.


S Johnson

Victoria, TX