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nancynurse - WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! You are a sad individual that has no real grasp on how hard it is for those regardless of the compliance or noncompliance to those who live without proper medical care. You’re only looking at the medical aspect of it and forgetting the HUMANE aspect of it. Regardless of one's compliance or noncompliance to things EVERYONE should have a right to PROPER MEDICAL CARE that is a legal resident of this country.

I'm going to tell you a little something about my situation and then you tell me what I am doing wrong MISS KNOW IT ALL. I am 28. I had my kids 11 1/2 months apart. With both pregnancies I got Preeclampsia. And from that it caused me to be on permanent blood pressure pills due to the stress it caused on my heart. At that time my husband was in the Marines. We had full insurance. But in '01 when he got out I had to start to pay for my own meds. Not cheap. Then he went on to find a few jobs here and there until he settled at his current primary job as a federal security officer. But, they don’t cover the family; they pay him a very SMALL amount monthly for him to get his own insurance! (A JOKE REALLY) Now, within this time of him having his current job and me going to school I began to have severe headaches. I waited until I couldn’t wait anymore (because I have no insurance so I am not worthy to be seen) and so, my family all came together to help me financially figure out what the problem was. After lots of tests (MRI, spinal tap, CT scan) they concluded I had Pseudotumor cerebri. You can look it up yourself to understand what it is. But, basically now that means I will have more things I have to have done just to stay alive. For me they determined it more than likely will be a permanent condition. Not always the case in some, but for me they fill it will be. SO, now on top of needing to get monthly pills to subside this condition, and needing to get routine checkups. It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to afford it all. And, now I can’t get private insurance if I tried. My kids by the grace of God are able to be covered. And by the grace of God as well my husband he was able to pick up a part time job with UPS. (MOST ARE NOT AS LUCKY AS WE HAVE GOTTEN). They have outstanding coverage, the only downfall to that is I have to wait 18 months to reap the benefits. Which some of that time has already passed, I have until March. And let me tell you it has been a long scary wait. I have begun to lose my hair; my weight has gone down horribly. The pain is soooo bad at times I am unable to function with my kids properly for days. My speech is slurred at times. You tell me who deserves to live like this REGARDLESS OF THE COMPLANICE of one’s self!!!! WHY DOES THAT POOR WOMAN HAVE TO LIVE WITHOUT HER MEDS (because she may be overweight so that makes her unworthy) ? What about the ones who aren’t over weight but have the similar issues as the woman in the article. Because I know some who do. There worthy just because they are thin. COME ON!

Are you sure you don’t work for the congress or the Democratic Party. Cause you could of fooled me! There truly is something wrong with people like you. I would much rather take all the things wrong with me and magnify them 100x’s over than to be a shred of what you are. I have said enough. I hope you are able to understand from this that not everyone is just constantly self inflecting there conditions. MOST in America just aren’t cared for as those who are WORTHY I suppose. Am I right?