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  • juliezavala

    Just wait. It gets better.

    By juliezavala in My Turn

    My life felt a little stale. Day after day after day--same ol' same ol'. And then I got sick. As I lay in bed coughing and blowing through a box of kleenex I realized, too late, that ANYTHING was better ...

  • Mike

    When Technology Fails

    By Mike in Politcs Plus

    My technology woes began about three weeks ago when my Windows 7 desktop was infected with adware. Those critters were slipping past the free Microsoft Essential virus protector. I remembered that Best Buy gave me a malware/adware /virus protector named ...

  • melissacrowe

    The REAL story of the red dust storm

    By melissacrowe in Man Bites Dog

    Several explanations are floating around to Sunday's red dust storm that left behind a film of clay-colored dirt over everything in its path. Referencing Homer's Iliad, some have called it "Blood Rain." Others have said it's from storms in Mexico, ...

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