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  • ashleyramirezscott

    Manic Mornings

    By ashleyramirezscott in My Mom Blog

    Every Monday thru Friday from August to May is the same. It has remained the same ever since my daughter started kindergarten. Things that also remain the same: my daughter moving like molasses on the coldest winter day ever, the ...

  • ashleyramirezscott

    The Backlash

    By ashleyramirezscott in My Mom Blog

    My husband is amazing. I always knew it. He showed me recently just how amazing he is. He is my biggest supporter and my worst critic. He knows how to build me up and yet give me the harsh reality ...

  • joseexist


    By joseexist in Musings On Muses

    Fate respects no one. It has no remorse. It never compromises in its intentions. It is a close companion with karma but karma does not affect its actions. Fate is emotionless yet it fosters deep emotions in everyone it touches. ...

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