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  • timoi

    Jazz It Up

    By timoi in On Another Note

    Took a little break from the norm yesterday and caught a little bit of the Jazzfest last night in downtown Victoria. I had a really good time, and I’ll tell you why. 1. Jazz- I like jazz. It’s a lot ...

  • cleric

    The Things I Find

    By cleric in And Baby Makes Seven

    WARNING This post has a curse word used twice which is the opposite of Heaven (if you believe in that) and some suggestive material. Amber, please do not read, lol. I find some weird, interesting, revealing, and sometimes just plain ...

  • kellirhea

    Feel Good About Doing Nothing

    By kellirhea in Quixotic Quicksand

    World Community Grid is a nonprofit organization to which computer users can contribute by doing nothing. Literally. With the exception of downloading a safe—and free—software application, a user can help World Community Grid solve some of humanity’s most pressing health ...

  • cjcastillo

    Learning with wikiHow

    By cjcastillo in Digital Babble

    At one time or another in our lives, many of us have pondered about things we all wish we knew how to do, but never took the incentive to learn, like how to solve a Rubik's cube, how to read ...

  • amber


    By amber in Teen Thoughts

    ACE YOUNG IS GONE JUST LIKE I PREDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD. Sorry to all who thought he was going to stay. NO MORE " I need a life" looks!!!!!! Sorry to Ace but the looks got old.

  • cleric


    By cleric in And Baby Makes Seven

    Today at work, we were going to have food delivered from a place in Placedo called 'Gonzalez Restaurant'. I had not heard of it, but was told it was good by a couple of people. A coworker simply raved about ...

  • amber

    Idol Prediction

    By amber in Teen Thoughts

    I'm not sure if anyone really watches American Idol , but my prediction of who is going this is week most definately ACE YOUNG!!!!!!!!!! I was listening to 95.1 this morning and heard the version of the Daniel Powter song ...

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