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  • kellirhea

    Straight as an Arrow

    By kellirhea in Quixotic Quicksand

    Hello, I am Kelli Rhea’s automatic pilot. Kelli is feeling “under the weather” today, and she requested that I survey her readers. As always, Kelli is looking to improve herself and as such, has decided to take up archery as ...

  • cjcastillo

    Soñando en español

    By cjcastillo in Digital Babble

    Al hablar español con mis amigos o familia me siento frustrada porque mis palabras no fluyen como gustaría. Nunca tengo problemas similares cuando hablo inglés, pero siempre ha sido un obstáculo al hablar el español. Hace unos años mientras conversaba ...

  • ToniMarek

    Project 36

    By ToniMarek in Toni Marek: Blogger Extraordinaire

    Trying on wedding dresses was one of the worst days of my life. Imagine going into a large, swanky bridal store, and suddenly realizing that you are in the fifth dimension of hell. That is what it felt like. I ...

  • kellirhea


    By kellirhea in Quixotic Quicksand

    Never take for granted the kindness of your family members and loved ones, if you are fortunate enough to benefit from such thoughtfulness. You never know when you’ll need those shoulders to lean on, those ears to bend, those arms ...

  • timoi

    What A Speech Can Do

    By timoi in On Another Note

    I took some time out from my regular work week yesterday to take a little trip up to Houston. My brother, you see, received his Bachelor’s in graphic design from the Art Institute in Houston. It may seem sort of ...

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