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  • kellirhea


    By kellirhea in Quixotic Quicksand

    Here’s some randomosity for this fine Sunday. Disjointed thoughts abound, but nothing concrete has taken hold in terms of subject matter today. I am miffed that my weekly dose of “Desperate Housewives” has been forfeited by ABC for “Dancing With ...

  • timoi

    A Personal Music Experience

    By timoi in On Another Note

    The Missus and I bought our stepdaughter her first personal portable CD player this week, complete with her own little CD carrying case. I think I suppressed a small tear of joy as I watched her sit in the living ...

  • cjcastillo

    More podcast tools

    By cjcastillo in Digital Babble

    Here is an even easier way to create your own podcast: Podcast by phone software Posted at Podcasting tool Gcast records podcasts by phone and hosts it for free. All you have to do is call an 800 number ...

  • cjcastillo

    Got snow pics?

    By cjcastillo in Digital Babble

    Unless you were out of town or just hate having fun, you were probably outside taking hundreds of photos around December 24 and 25 of 2004. Not because of the holidays, but because that was the day it snowed in ...

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