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  • jpreyss


    By jpreyss in Paleo Pup

    Yesterday was D-Day. I officially started the first day of this 30-day paleo challenge. And I almost didn't know how to feel about it. I was nervous and indifferent and afraid and excited all at the same time. Caleb Shaw, ...

  • ElisaGarcia

    Light Duty :(

    By ElisaGarcia in The Garcia Girls Go To The Movies

    Unfortunately my light duty has affected my ability to enjoy movies. Yepper, kinda sucks. The only positive part is that well I am not missing much. Almost not missing much. So out right now are some movies that I have ...

  • jpreyss


    By jpreyss in Paleo Pup

    I'm dreading the start of next week. I've committed to starting a strict Paleo diet for 30 days, and I've agreed to let local realtor and Paleo enthusiast, Caleb Shaw lead me, drill me, encourage me across the finish line. ...

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