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  • Mike

    Executive Orders

    By Mike in Politcs Plus

    Executive orders have been around since day one, when George Washington in 1873 instructed his federal officers to prosecute any citizen from interfering with the war between England and France. Executive orders are not specifically mentioned in the United States ...

  • ElenaPullin

    Son of God

    By ElenaPullin in The Garcia Girls Go To The Movies

    There were many who turned out for this movie. I was not one of them. I had and have no intention of watching this movie because too many liberties were taken. From the trailers alone, one can see how the ...

  • angeliwright

    The Bubble Popper

    By angeliwright in Advocate Photo Blog

    Today's adventure in the world of journalism brought me to the Victoria Public Library where they were having a Spring craft day. As I was taking photos of crafty children I caught this cute moment. Val Mungia, 2, tries to ...

  • BiancaMontes

    February Crime Statistics

    By BiancaMontes in The Blotter

    Sexual assaults and burglaries continue to rise in February, according to crime statistics released by the Victoria Police Department. While reported crime across the board shows a slight decrease from January numbers, compiled crime between January and February is up ...

  • BiancaMontes

    January Crime Statistics

    By BiancaMontes in The Blotter

    The above graphic compares crime statistics from January of last year and January of this year. January crime statistics released by the Victoria Police Department show a spike in almost all areas, with motor vehicle theft and murder being the ...

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