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  • katduncan

    My First Super Bowl

    By katduncan in I was told there'd be coffee

    A couple friends invited me over to their house Sunday for general merriment and of course, the Super Bowl. The thing is, I've never actually watched a Super Bowl. Apparently this makes me an anomaly (they used the word "weird" ...

  • Mike

    It was a Great SOTU Speech

    By Mike in Politcs Plus

    I know the speech didn’t get great reviews from the major newspapers or from those who oppose the president. It didn’t even have a sound bite that will be remembered for years to come. As a democrat, the speech made ...

  • jpreyss

    Bringing sexy (carpentry) back

    By jpreyss in The Red Loft

    DJ Gloor isn't an average 16 year old. He's on the way up, and he's not following anyone's rules At least that's what he told me Monday morning at the Edna McDonald's I met the native Edna resident (and his ...

  • SonnyLong

    Pause and say a prayer today

    By SonnyLong in The Write Stuff

    Monday, Jan. 27. This is only the third time since 1992, that Jan. 27 has fallen on a Monday -- 1997 and 2003 were the others. But it was Monday, Jan. 27, 1992 that changed lives forever. It was the ...

  • BiancaMontes

    Even firefighters need heroes

    By BiancaMontes in The Blotter

    A lot of times when we write an article about a fire those who work behind the scenes aren't in the story. First responders work hard to ensure the safety of neighborhoods by braving the flames of a fire, tending ...

  • CarolinaAstrain

    Why orchestra?

    By CarolinaAstrain in The Education Beat

    While out on assignment today I spoke to a few students and asked them why they decided to choose orchestra as their elective in middle school. Here are their responses: "I wanted to play the violin. I'm also usually a ...

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