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  • ashleyramirezscott

    Thankful on Mother's Day

    By ashleyramirezscott in My Mom Blog

    Mother’s Day is usually irrelevant until you become a mother. Yes, you still get your mother some flowers and a card, take her to brunch and apologize for putting her through so much crap when you were a kid BUT, ...

  • Ringer

    Being a Mother

    By Ringer in stacy-snapp-killian-StacyK

    ALL THAT I AM and have ever HOPE TO BE, I OWE to my children. They taught me the importance of life and how to live. I have learned: to give makes me feel better than to receive, to forgive ...

  • bcooper

    Honoring mothers

    By bcooper in Daily Commute

    Today we honor mothers. We honor the mother who brought us into the world and raised and nurtured us. Some will also honor others who are like mothers to them in some way. For me that list would be long ...

  • pmccloud

    Thanks be to God!

    By pmccloud in Nontraditional student

    THE DAY OF GRATITUDE Lord Jesus how can I express my gratitude to you for having heard the prayer of your servant Rita who had recourse to your great power and love on my behalf. Lord you have granted my ...

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