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I missed the Tea Party, but I heard that it was a resounding success. You might have heard too, depending on who you asked. It amazes me that true, unbiased reporting is going the way of the Walkman. Obsolete. Some are too extreme, some take all the excitement out of the story. The truth is that a lot of people got together and made their concerns known. Nothing will get done if the entire country dissolves into a ragtag bunch of armchair politicians. The ability to organize and protest is one of the building blocks of this country. I love that Americans across the country are getting actively involved in issues that will affect them and their posterity. It is a tribute to American Freedom of Speech for a group, even a small minority, to join together and make their voices heard. To play on Dr. Seuss: "A person's a person, no matter how small." The same goes for a spirited bunch of individuals who band together and stand against something they believe is wrong. I just hope that the media will hear them and take notice, and not cast them aside like that crazy Kangaroo. "Hmf!"