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I tried something new. Click the little pause button if your eyes and ears are bleeding.

*EDIT:There was music here... but I took it off for now. It was having technical difficulties.*

And onto the blog... I was going to write about eating Mexican Food in Victoria, but I am taking Hydroxycut and my appetite is gone. Really. Gone.

That is a good thing, though. I am getting married in June, and I'm ready to sell my soul to lose 15 pounds. I have already been fitted for my wedding dress, but it would look so much nicer minus some Toni.

Do you ever get annoyed with the way your furniture is placed? I do. I have to move things around almost monthly to feel “right” in my own home. The same goes for my blog. I log on and look at all the same black and white words and my eyeballs cry for some color.

I wanted to take a poll. Ok. I wanted to ask a question. Are all of my extras becoming annoying? Are they souring this sacred place?

If so please take a Twizzler on your way out, along with my condolences for your viewing orifices.

Thank you. Drive through.