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I didn’t get to watch the Oscars last night because I was still pouting about having to wait another long week to see a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Why couldn’t they have aired the Oscars on some other night when no one (i.e. – me) is waiting to watch his/her favorite show?


I have been absent (minded) lately and extremely busy with another huge event that I am planning – my wedding. It is my first (only) wedding and I never, in a million years, thought that planning one in six months would be anything less than simple.


The date is June 24, and I am so completely swamped with things to do, my brain is slowly evaporating. Yes, it is. I am incapable of delegating work to other people. I guess I like to be so much in control, that I cannot have anyone else do something for me. It is physically painful for me not to worry about everysinglething imaginable.

I will post something later tonight; it is to early for me to let part of my brain think about writing. I told my sister that the best time to let your thoughts flow is when you are almost severely sleep deprived (commonly referred to as “sleep depped” in the computer/online world). That has always been the case for me. I have written some of the best American works of our time when I was sleep deprived. Then I got sleepy a few nights later and accidentally deleted my entire life’s work.

Until next time my peeps, remember that Twizzlers are groove-candy for your mind.