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Give me Liberty! Not Debt!

Today, there are TEA Parties being held across the country, in uncountable cities.

TEA, Taxed Enough Already, Parties this year are being hosted and attended by some people such as Glenn Beck (in San Antonio), Rick Perry (in Austin), and Sean Hannity (who knows where he will show up). TEA Parties are your time to tell the government that their big spending and out of control debt is YOUR problem, and you have had ENOUGH.

Please join me today in Victoria for our city’s TEA Party. It will start at 5pm, at the DeLeon Plaza Gazebo downtown (across from the Courthouse and First Victoria National Bank). There will be music, games, and speakers from your area.

It is time to tell the government that your tax dollars are yours, and you are done rewarding failure and poor work ethic with YOUR money. It is time to join the revolution of people across the country that want Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness recognized as our RIGHTS… not privileges. Come join Victoria’s Citizens and elected officials today to see what it is all about.

This is about a certain political party or person, because your money, the message of Fiscal Conservatism, and the National Debt affect us all. The message of freedom that our country stands for is universal.