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The District 4 Councilman race is becoming one of the more popular races this election, but most people fail to realize that this race is also one of the more important races.

David Hagan, the current District 4 councilman, has been paraded through the opinion columns like a rag doll. His good deeds and the fact that he is one of the only people in this city that is actually looking out for the taxpayer are quickly forgotten when niceties are the only focus some people would like you to see.

David Hagan loves his wife and his children and he goes to church. This is something that I admire, but when it comes to my tax dollars that come directly from my pocket, I want someone who knows what is best for me and my family’s budget during this time of economic crisis.

David Hagan is fiscally conservative and always considers before each vote the merit of the situation. Do you really need to contribute 4.5 million dollars to “beautify” (perfectly great) sidewalks downtown when you can’t afford to eat, visit, or even own a business down there anyway? David Hagan is the only current council member that agreed with you and voted to keep your money in your pocket.

When the issue of a new fire station came before Hagan, he considered the pros and cons of how that would benefit the city and you, and decided that your safety outweighed anything else in the equation.

David Hagan has integrity that pulses deep within his core, as evident by the numerous times he stood up FOR the people of Victoria and THEIR money when no one else would. At times when it would have been easier to not be the lone nay vote, Hagan stood his ground without wavering, FOR the people of Victoria… time after time after time.

When your councilman sits down to vote to spend your money, there is no “together.” There is only the power you gave him when you voted.

If you want your money to go to your family and their needs, and not for the people downtown to impress their friends with pretty sidewalks, I urge you to cast your vote for David Hagan for District 4 Councilman, so he can continue to fight for your money and your interests.