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This isn’t anything that hasn’t been reported on 50 million times today, but you know I can’t NOT throw in my two cents.

The Huffington Post reports ( ) that the Department of Homeland Security has issued its latest report. It reads that “Right wing extremism” is on the rise, and running rampant in the U.S.

The horror.

Americans gathered yesterday all over the NATION to express their views on our government.

We are allowed to peaceably assemble under the United States Constitution. We have that right as Americans.

We didn’t take it as “right wing extremists.”

This is not a party issue; let me assure you that now.

This is an issue of what you, as Americans, are being told that if you subscribe to the ideals of Freedom, Liberty, and fiscal conservatism, you are an extremist. If you take on the task of believing in God, owning a gun, or not supporting the popular candidate, you could probably be skating on the edge of extremism as well.

Call me Chicken Little if you want…

But before you do, go back and read what certain people and blogs have been saying for the past decade. Go back and see how long some of us have warned that this very thing was coming, and that it will get worse.

This isn’t a dreary picture of “I told you so” and a picture of the future. This is a “WAKE UP and get involved” plea to you.

GET INVOLVED – I beg you.

Take your country back – now.