So here I am once again, writing as I haven't in a while. Life came at me fast. :) the divorce still isn't final...but it's ok I am patient. I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life to see what it all has to offer.

I will be going on vacation soon and wonder how other towns are accomadating to handicap people. I still people here in Victoria park wherever they want just to get a place up front even if they have no handicap placard or lisence plates. SHAME ON YOU i say!!

Allergies have seriously knocked me for a loop this week. My legs are feeling better still can't walk for more than 15 minutes but hey at least my legs aren't in constant pain right now. there are those times when I can't move but I've learned to adapt.

By the way, I have learned to adapt from my wheelchair, why can't people adapt to me? just because I am now 3 feet something as opposed to my usual 5 foot 6. It doesn't mean I am any dumber. Please don't act like I am dumb. one guy the other day I was in my wheelchair because I hadn't had a chance to transfer to my other chair kept asking me can you check me out? do you know how? can you reach it? finally i just reached over took his items and scanned them out. He just gave me this look. Just because I am in a wheelchair doesn't mean I am not human. That goes for any of us with a disability.

Just thought I would share...I am really tired, the meds for the allergy stuff knock me out. I've been taking the daytime ones and they knock me for a loop!!! I hope all is weill in your world.

Until next time Victoria....