So, sorry I haven't written in a while, my laptop broke, so I decided to cut the internet, as I had no way of updating my blog.

So let me take you through what has been going on in the past two months or so.

After finishing out the year in therapy, they have told me I am better than I was. I still have trouble standing for more than 15 mins or walking longer than that. So I am still using my wheels especially on shopping trips.

The worst part of my life is before me, even more so than the MS. I am currently going through a divorce and my ex decided he wanted primary custody of the kids and he used my disease against me in court and they gave us joint custody, but the kids will go live with him!!! I am so upset all I can do is cry and the worst part about it is, I have no answers as to why this happened.

So lately I have been staying off the grid and spending as much time with my children that i can before the divorce is final and they have to go back. I know that there are mothers and fathers out there who have cancer, aids, and many other diseases and can take care of their kids perfectly fine. So why can't I??? It's is a sad, sad week in my world...