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So i am no longer in Vegas! I only used my wheelchair twice while we were there and my boy friend had to carry me across a parking lot once because my feet hurt so bad!!

With that aside I could walk better!!! I have joined a gym in the hope that some physical exercise will do me some good. Not to mention i want to tone these muscles. I did an MS walk recently it was a mile and a half. Did i sit in my wheelchair while someone pushed me?? NO!!! I walked with my walker the whole course ok well maybe a tenth of a mile I was pushed in my walker but I did it!!! and to see 3,500 people walking for a cause was totally awesome!! Where I am currently the weather is doing me so much better!!

My only complaint is my eyes are so blurry, I did go to an eye doctor who gave me some contacts even though I really don't need them but they help with the bluriness some. that and me being a little sore from the gym but hey no pain no gain right? :) I am going to my first professional baseball game today. yeah!!!

Oh and I failed to mention the best part of Vegas was buying my CELINE DION tickets!!! So I will finally see my dream achieved after 20 years of seeing my idol in concert in the next month or so.

I hope all is well with you. PS where I am if you even think about parking in a handicap zone without a placard it's a fine!! $250 they have patrols strictly for that!!! Maybe Victoria should follow suit! just an idea....

Until next time Victoria!! :)