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I want to tell you a story about a flower falling for a bee. Now like all stories like this one, we start with how they met. How else would you think a flower and a bee would meet? During spring when all the bees are out doing what they like to do and the flowers hanging out like they like to do with all the other bees and flowers. And usually in stories like these there is this big magically elaborate tale with a little twist of fate mixed in there about how cosmic this pair bumped into each other making it so undeniably meant to be, but for this story, no, there is nothing like that. It’s not unusual or anything special that a bee and a flower would meet at all so why would there be in this story. What is more interesting is how this coexisting pair began to develop what was suppose to be an infrequent and temporary occurrence but turned out to be something regular and sustaining good company.

The bee had different interest than the flower was use to, which again isn’t surprising. The two came from two different backgrounds, so dissimilar interest would exist between the two. The bee sure did like to talk about all of his diverse interest whether people wanted to hear them or not. Most people usually didn’t care to hear but for some reason this flower did. The flower had unique interest as well that most bees wouldn’t have or even most flowers wouldn’t have so the flower didn’t mind having a conversation or two about each others interest with the bee. I guess he thought to himself, why should he discriminate on someone else’s interest. It gave him pleasure talking about such things with the bee.

Okay, now the flower doesn’t want the story teller to lie about his true intentions or paint an inaccurate picture about why he was so interested in the bee’s activities or topic of conversation, although what I said before is half true, the flower was in fact infatuated with the bee. Naturally all flowers take interest in bees and want to be notice by bees but this flower gave more attention to this bee than most flowers would have. Obviously the bee took some interest too since he started coming by even after pollen season when all the other bees were not hanging out with the flowers. So some mutual feeling had to be exchanged on some level.

The two conversed on various topics, debated here and there. Yes, the bee loved to dispute about anything and everything but the flower enjoyed it just as much. They soon began socializing at the same bee bars and flower parties together and became good friends. Ah yes, the flower hated to admit it but they were actually becoming good friends. Along their growing friendship though the flower was growing ever more infatuated with the bee. The flower was fascinated with how good looking and neat the bee was compared to other bees and even to other flowers. The flower would watch how strong the bee was because the bee sure did like to show off his strength along with his good looks. I guess you can say that the bee had this sort of charisma spell on the flower. Now don’t get the wrong idea about the flower, the flower isn’t your typical beautiful dumb blossom like most flowers were, doing nothing but trying to look pretty all day. This flower was educated, productive at what he did, and ambitious. The flower knew his guilty pleasure of hanging out with the bee. He knew how much it was pointless and unattainable despite his best efforts. The flower was following an empty dream, something that was as solid as a rain cloud.

The flower tried to justify his relationship with the bee. One justification was the bee’s unconditional acceptance of the flower. Most bees don’t take any kind of interest much less hang out with other flowers more than they had to. So the flower would feed to himself things like, “he accepts me for who I am, a flower, and that is not something a flower doesn’t gets from most bees.” But deep inside the flower knew it wasn’t his acceptance that could justify his intentions because he knew acceptance wasn’t what he was looking for. Another attempt to justify his intentions was that it was his responsibility to be a good example for the bee to follow. After the all, the bee was younger than the flower and the flower had accomplished so much that he could be a good role model for the bee. However, that didn’t cut it either. The bee had a good head on his shoulders and was already taking the right steps to be just as successful if not more successful than the flower.

The flower tried to distract himself from his infatuation by hanging out with other flowers and dating other flowers but no other flower stimulated him emotionally and yes even physically as much as this bee did. Hell, not even other bees he ran into interested him because there was something about this bee that made him special than all the others.

Did I mention that the bee had no idea about how the flower really felt about him? The flower could never, for one, get the guts to tell him and two, thought if it was not necessary since they were already good friends after all. I mean some of you might say come on, the bee has to have some idea, but as the story teller who knew the flower very well, I can say that I honestly don’t think the bee did have any sort of idea about what the flower thought of him. Even if the bee did, maybe the bee didn’t want to really know I am sure because he didn’t take interest in flowers like that. The flower knew the reality; they were two different species for goodness sake so come on. The fact that it was so forbidden might have fueled the attraction even more for the flower. As you can see the flower found himself in an unhappy and torturing situation.

Now this story has no ending because well, it hasn’t ended but this is the story about a flower falling for a bee.