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–noun 1. steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. (

Now I want to tell you story about a star that I have grown with, shared many special things with, making us very close over the past several years now. We have shared the good, we shared the bad, and best of all we shared the fun. I have been there watching this star ever since we have met and although some know bits and parts of her story, I have been there chapter by chapter and almost page by page. I have told this star that she should tell her story to people because there is nothing like it but for now I will be her story teller.

Now like many stars like you and me she was brought up very much the same way. She was loved and cared for in a stable, secure, and loving star home. She was told to always shine bright and she could be the biggest and brightest star of all. By the time I had met this star she was brighter than I was at her age. She could be seen across the universe. She was still just growing up in a small town galaxy where not too many stars could be seen. She had plans like many stars at her age had and was told to make infinite ones. She was larger than this galaxy and meant for larger things.

One day her and her star family was told to leave the galaxy and to go far, far away to a place she had never been and a place her star parents never wanted to go back to. It was unfair since they had done nothing wrong but be one of the brightest star families in the galaxy.

Her brother was developing to be a star athlete and her parents worked hard like all the other stars and made sure their star children would no less then their star expectations.

She was taught to be a bright star and she became the brightest. So why now of all this time did she have to leave everything she knew, she loved, and she worked for. It was devastating, she couldn’t even finish school with all her other star friends. However, despite this sudden barrier she knew she wanted to graduate even if it meant she had to graduate early and she did. She graduated an entire year ahead of her star class. Even when face with darkest she shined brighter than ever than any star her age had to shine.

By this time you can imagine how proud I was of her because a star like me wouldn’t have thought to shine bright but probably would have lost shine and dimmed at the site of such darkness. She even decided to take few college classes during the summer and got me to do one with her. Now this puzzled me how bright she continue to shine, even when she was faced with a future she had not planned for nor know what to expect.

So as the time came closer she prepared as best as she could for the place far, far away and that she did not know. Slowly she had to detach to things that she would not be able to take along. The material things were tough to let go, but it was the intangible things she had to learn to let go emotionally and mentally that hit the worst. Things like star friendships, star memories, and the star plan she had made for herself.

See while other stars like her were planning their senior year at Star HS, she was at home trying to accept the fate that didn’t look very bright from far away. She now had to plan for the unexpected. The day that she had to leave I was not there unfortunately. I was away following and doing the star plan I had made for myself. It was not easy to hear her over the phone, it was not easy to cry with her, nor was it easy to say good bye to her. I felt guilty being able to live my star plan because she deserved her star plan. She had earned it just a much and now maybe even more than I had, especially more than any of the other stars out there that I knew.

Now when she finally got to this unfamiliar far, far away place in the universe she did her best to stick to her star plan as she could. She found a university that would allow her to study in both star tongue and nebula tongue. See this bright star was bi-jibbish, she could speak two types of tongue which most people in this universe could not. However, imagine having to be taught in nebula tongue or have to read it. This new obstacle wasn’t going to easy but she went with it as best as she could.

For three years she worked and went to school. For three years she paid her way into college, with out any financial aid of any kind besides the one that she earned herself. For three years she battled on through classes in different tongues. At one point she had gotten seriously sick causing her to miss almost an entire semester yet, she finished and passed it despite that set back. Three years later she graduated with a BA degree. Again, even when the darkness appeared to consume her light she shined brighter than the rest.

Now her story doesn’t end here but I think you are getting the picture. There is nothing stopping this star, nothing that is going to dim her light, and nothing that is going keep her from shinning bright.

Just last night I figured that my biggest problem is that I have lost faith, lost faith in my purpose, lost faith in my role, and lost faith in my true happiness but how can I lose faith when I know the brightest star in the universe. Now I never been to space but from what I know of it can be really dark. She has taught me and I hope taught whoever has read this that no matter how dark it may get you can never loose your shine, never loose your light, and never loose your faith; that my friend is how you persevere.