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As I stood beside a group of my coworkers and watched Obama speak on television about the Supreme Court's ruling today, I was reminded of what was going on in my life back in 2010 when ObamaCare first came to be.

My mom, who was dying of cancer, was at the point where she couldn't speak any more. The tumors in her brain had pressed on the areas that affect speech and movement. She was on a steady regimen of morphine to block pain she couldn't even tell us about anymore and she had just days to live.

Back then, as the TV announced the passing of ObamaCare, I went into her room and kissed her on the cheek and told her the news. I don't know whether she heard me or not and I remember feeling a little foolish about sharing information that seemed trivial compared to what she was going through.

But the thing is, she was excited about this health care plan when she was well and part of this world. She was proud to have witnessed Obama being sworn in when he won the presidency. These were important events to her.

And although she may not have heard me or even felt me close to her, it was important to me to share these events with her, to keep her in this world, my world, a little longer.

So today, as I stood there, listening to Obama give a breakdown of what the continuation of his health care policy means, I thought of her and how this news would have made her happy.