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It's been five years since I first started working for the Victoria Advocate. Time sure flies when you're having fun.

But, I have a confession to make-- I was scared to death when I started working here. See, I had done freelance artwork for a book company which produced textbooks for school, I had even done portraits on commission, but art for a newspaper--never. I didn't even know how to do a locator map when I first started. Robert had to train me in almost every aspect, plus learn his new duties as an editor for the Advocate. I remember both of our nerves were a little frayed at times.

The Editor, Chris Cobler, took a chance on me. He wanted to hire my husband Robert as Multimedia Editor because of his management experience and his vast knowledge of all things graphic (not to mention that he's an awesome artist). Robert presented us as a "package deal" to Chris and amazingly, he agreed to it.

Now, five years later and with a good amount of newspaper experience, I am grateful to have this wonderful job where I get to use my talents every day. So, Chris, thanks for giving me the chance to prove myself! Robert, thank you for believing that I could learn fast enough to do this job and, hopefully, make you proud. I look forward to learning even more in the time to come.