Blogs » My Turn » A little sun never hurt anyone



The sun shining through my bedroom window when I woke up this morning was a welcome sight. After days of gray skies and drizzle it was good to see nice weather for a change.

I fixed a pot of coffee and then took a cup outside to the patio. There was a patch of sun shining through the oak tree branches and I pulled a chair into the warm light. I sat there drinking my coffee and enjoying the view.

The wind was blowing the wind chimes next to me and I closed my eyes, feeling the sun warm my face. I stayed there for a little while, sipping my coffee and thinking the mood was very Zen-like.

I found myself wishing time could stand still -- my coffee cup would never run out of fresh, hot coffee and chores could be put on a long hiatus. Nothing to do but sit in the sun and daydream.

But, no. Maybe if I had all that coffee, free time and sunshine I'd end up not appreciating it. I would soon take it for granted.

The only solution; If the weather is nice again tomorrow I will sit out there again, drinking coffee and soaking up some vitamin D from the rays.

I hope everyone gets the chance to enjoy the day for as long as the coffee and time allows.