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That was the headline that enticed me to click on a CNN story last week that cited a study finding users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser had a lower IQ than users of say, Firefox or Google Chrome.

That story became a major "doh!" moment for CNN as well as news outlets like the BBC, NPR, CNET, Forbes and London's Daily Mail and Telegraph, among other tech sites and blogs.

They all reported on what was later found out to be a hoax.

CNN defended itself, saying the news site reported the study was not scientific and did not provide specific data numbers. It also outed the other new sites that reported on the story, as if company made the mistake better.

Whoever created the Web site that cited the false study posted this, on the original site. The post lists the ways in which the media should have been able to tell it was all a ruse.

The hoax creator seems to be backtracking, blaming all the hype on the media. It's an odd ordeal.

What do you think about the hoaxer? What do you think about the initial media coverage?

What do you think about CNN's "oops" story?

A funny side note: I posted the original story on a tech-nerd friend's Facebook page. Here's what he replied to the original posting: "yes, the only time you're allowed to use IE is when you have a clean windows install and you need to navigate to"