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There's at least one class at the University of Missouri that's infamous for weeding out not-gonna-cut-it freshmen and making even straight-A students cringe at their insistence to go to college.

It was a required course -- micro-economics -- and it was the most challenging, most frustrating, most fun class I took.

OK, I took a lot of fun classes, but this one, loathed by most, was fascinating. Were it not required, I certainly would have slipped through life never understanding things like opportunity cost and why, if I ever have money one day, I'll stop eating Ramen noodles (inferior good).

So, this report highlighting how colleges don't seem to be requiring general education courses surprised me.

The article states, "only 5 percent of colleges studied required economics as a field as study, while about one-fifth required U.S. government or history and 15 percent required intermediate-level foreign language."

Even though I thought I knew what was best at the ripe age of 18, I didn't see the importance in learning the basics. I was dying to instead delve into all of the fascinating-sounding courses (religion in pop culture, linguistics, information graphics) not offered in my tiny, one-stoplight town's high school.

I can tell you everything you want to know about religious imagery in Madonna's "Like a Prayer," but I can also tell you a little something-something about the Constitution thanks to my required political science course.

Seems reasonable.

After all, general education can prevent you from looking like a complete idiot in front of the whole world.

What general education courses did you find perhaps surprisingly enthralling?

Do you think general education should be a requirement at all colleges? What should be included in general education?