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It's summertime for this education reporter. And that means free time to pursue the most important of stories, like the class I'm going to tomorrow, in which the kids will be making fake snot and dissecting sheep eyes. Total win.

But to be serious, I'll be spending the summer trying to make sense of a whole lotta budget stuff and TAKS scores and this new STARR test. You can see how the snot is appealing.

Ahem, to the point. Things are still kickin' in the schools. Teachers are still teaching, students are still learning. There are camps and sports and all sorts of activities that could, perhaps, if you dare, inspire you to nominate an Advocate Top Teacher or Star Student of the week!

There's still a section of Sunday's Your Schools page dedicated to honoring the teachers and students who are making a difference in the Crossroads. Want to make their day? Nominating them is easy!

Just email me at and tell me in 75 words or less why a particular student or teacher deserves to be nominated. What characteristics make him or her stand out?

For the teacher, please include: Name, subject taught and school district.

For the student, please include: Name, age, grade, town of residence, school and parents' names.

Your nomination could go right below next week's snot story! What an honor :)