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"We're a culture, not a costume."

That's the message Ohio University's Students Teaching About Racism in Society are trying to convey with a new campaign just in time for Halloween.

Posters featuring photos of a geisha, a Hispanic in a sombrero, a girl in blackface and a supposedly Middle Eastern man with explosives are among the stereotypes the group hopes people think twice about this Halloween.

The posters proclaim, "This is not who I am, and this is not OK."

Since the campaign has gone viral, lots of bloggers have expressed their agreement with its message of tolerance, respect and dignity.

But this poll shows most people think the outfits are "just a costume" and aren't inappropriate.

This blogger asks if this type of campaign should apply to a Persian and African-Indian celebrity who dressed as a "white girl" for Halloween.

Should it?

What do you think about the campaign?

What do you think about these costumes?

What about this one?