Blogs » According to K » Energizer or Playboy Bunny?


I'm much more inclined to dress up as the Energizer Bunny than I am the Playboy Bunny.

In fact, I dressed up as the Energizer Bunny one year when I was very young, decked out with the cool shades and the drum.

My mom never really bought me any of the mass-produced costumes, so perhaps that's why I'm still a fan of the homemade get-ups, no matter how poorly homemade they are.

But my mom - oh my dear mother - she was good.

Yes, I was Cousin It one year. My mom spent hours putting that costume together, and I probably had it all tangled within minutes. What a fabulous costume, though.

And, guess who? Wilson from my favorite show "Home Improvement," complete with a body-length Styrofoam fence and fishing hat.

I remember people not "getting" that costume. I guess I was just too cultured and mature -- much like Wilson! -- for the other 8-year-olds in Disney costumes. Kidding.

Now, I tend to go for current event costumes that I piece together with $10 the day before Halloween.

But they always start conversations .... more so than the French maid costume I accidentally wore one year in college.

(photo deleted)

OK, it wasn't an accident, but after 20 minutes in the Missouri autumn night in fishnets and a skirt (barely), I realized I'd rather be a Cousin It than another scantily-dressed college gal.

What kinds of costumes do you like to wear?

What kind of costumes do you like to SEE?