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Neitsch said the sign was purchased online and paid for by several supporters of its message. Iam not Lutheran either, but the common sense the Good Lord gave me I think Neitsch knew whats up with that message. Neitsch sounds like a smart businessman, and I wouldn't doubt he built his businesses just like he built that sign. He ordered it, maybe on the internet? The sign was shipped maybe thru the US Postal Service? Maybe while enroute even travel down a road that was built or maintained by President Obama's Recovery Project? I don't think Neitsch will mention the other several supporters that chipped in and paid for this sign. I don't think Neitsch is his brothers keeper here. Thats the freedom of speech and freedom to start a petition, Thats what makes America so great. So, Back at ya Milton H. Neitsch Jr.,

PRAY FOR MILTON H. NEISCH Jr. , Psalms 109:8