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I'm a 46 year old male. A few years ago after my divorce I moved back home with my Mom. I thought it was only going to be temporary, but my Mom has aged gracefully and now I find myself looking out after her. Mom is 89 still drives, never had a ticket in her life. I can never recall Mom having a headache, cold, flu, she doesn't have diabetes, and brushes her teeth after every meal and flosses every night. One morning after getting off the night shift I was about to fall asleep. The door bell rang and sleepy as I was got out of bed, to aswer the door. Mom beat me to the door. When I got there I stood behind the door and listened as a tender young voice talked to Mom. I looked thru the crack of the door jam. Well it just happen to a Beautiful young girl with golden hair and another mid-aged woman, I guess it had to be her Mom. They were out spreaading thier religious beliefs. Now my Mom being the good Southern Baptist she is told them nicely about her religious beliefs. The mid-aged woman kindly thanked my Mom and stepped back as to start to walk away. The beautiful girl with the golden hair didn't move so quick. She told my Mom, May I ask you one question? What do you think of a one world government? I didn't realize till then I was only wearing boxers and a tshirt. Because I wanted to come out from behind the door and tell this young beautiful girl with the golden hair something. Do you know who your talking to? This is my Mom, She's 89 years old, She was young and beautiful like you. She's seen times of the real great depression, Pearl Harbor, World War 2, the atomic bomb, the Holocaust, Cuban missle crisis, JFK, Segregation, Vietnam, Korea, Water Gate, Man on the Moon to the Mars Rover, Teran Embassy to the Lybian Embassy, Isreal-Palestine, Cold War, Berlin Wall, North Korea-South Korea, Iran Contra, Waco, Kosavo-Croatia, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afganastan, Iraqi Freedom, 911, and now this Fiscal Cliff. It's a beautiful Saturday Morning. Get out and enjoy life ! One world government?, replied my Mom. The beautiful young gril with the golden hair handed my Mom a pamlet and thanked her, Turned and walked away with the mid-aged woman. I closed the door for my Mom. Mom stood there looking at the pamlet, then handed it to me saying, I'm going for Breakfast.