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Reading Saturdays and Sundays Victoria Advocate , I just find it so mind boggling that how "Some American People" actually belive nonsense, and write it.
Saturday July 28th, reading that The United Nations will prevail over the Costitution and Ammendments of the United States of America. How could anyone in thier right mind believe that. Sunday July 29th, reading a letter to the editor, Obama wants to just abolish Christanity and the same old rhetoric about The Pledge, Prayer in School and "In God We Trust" Obama has been President for Four years and done nothing anti-American, has not "gone to war on Christanity". Obama has been a Good President treating "Every American Fairly", but the rhetoric goes on and on, and on, and on . . . . . The right of Freedom of Religion to "All" is what makes America so Great.
These Crusaders of The Spin, remind me of when the first coins came out with "In God We Trust" on the rim of the coin. They held the coin, felt it, touched it, looked at it, but could not see around it. The words that forever will remain," In God We Trust" ".