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Reading the letter to the Editor in the Victoria Advocate. All the Anti-Obama letters from various authors. The Pray for Obama sign by Uncle Mutts BBQ and recently the burning of Obama yard signs. I have never in my lifetime or know of in the history of America when such a movement of Hate spread over the Nation. The Republican GOP and TEA Partys Anti-Obama movement to make President Barrack Hussain Obama a FAILURE. The Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner's Famous "Hell NO", The Republican Congress Lawmaker that shouted, "YOU LIE" to the President of the United States of America during a Presidential Address, The "Pledge to America" a plan by Republican GOP and TEA Party House and Senate Lawmakers that is just a Declaration of War on President Obama. Please do not get "Pledge to America" confused with "The Pledge of Allegiance" these are two different things. When I debate this "some American people" get Romnesia and think I'm just so Anti-American. It's "Pledge to America", look it up. American is coming back, Housing on the rise. Unemployment Slowly going down. The Jobs reports speak for themselves No Matter what Mitt Romney says. Mitt Romneys Gloom and Doom Outlook on the Past 4 years are so out of touch. It really gets me when Mitt Romney says he will work with GOOD Republican's and Democrat's, That as as The Governor of Massachusetts he worked with Democrat's and passed Legislation. Legislation like his Romney Care ? What Party is Mitt Romney, "Republican". The same Party as Speaker of the House John "Hell No" Boehner. The Republican Party of "The Pledge to America". The same Republican Party that in the Past 4 years Would Not and still will Not work with House and Senate Democrat's or a Democrat President. These past 4 years I have seen and heard what President Barrack Hussain Obama has done. I do not understand the thinking of an "Undecided Voter". Undecided Voters remind me of Children in a Buffet Line. I will Vote for 4 more years of Obama. The Obama's Road to a True and Honest Recovery will come, it maybe NOT as FAST as some American People want, Those are the other Children in the Buffet Line. The Fox News Audience are the last of the Children in the Buffet Line