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The other day a writer and I were out on a breaking news accident scene. The cars were a bit banged up but the people were fine, no injuries. As we were standing there waiting for a nice officer to give us some info, a herd of horses galloped up to the fence where the wrecked Ford truck was invading their property. They nosed around it a bit to see what the shiny red foreign object was in their fence, determined it was harmless and galloped away again. It was one of those moments where something completely random and yet, quite beautiful, happens at a not so happy scene. Even the people involved in the wreck seemed to put aside their worries for a moment because they also grabbed their camera to photograph the horses. After the horses left, so did we. On the way back to the car I also got a nice photo of a sunflower in the setting sun. Just goes to show, you never know what will happen when you're out there.

Horses at the scene inspecting the truck. Image

Sunflower in the setting sun. Image