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It should be of no surprise to anyone that photographers like to take pictures. Lucky for us, we have a job that lets us do just that. Unfortunately however, limited time and limited space in the paper and the need to show y'all photos that are relevant to the story (we are journalists after-all) some of our favorite photos go unused or sometimes, tragically, untaken.

This is one of my favorite photos from a while ago. It is from a ceremony in Goliad in which a widow received some military medals in honor of her late husband. Even though I took the photo at the event, my other photos were much more relevant for the paper. Therefore I am using this to share it with you.

Thanks for looking!


Goliad American legion members Charles Eastwood, left, and George Kullick hold the American Flag and the Texas Flag in preparation for the presentations of the colors during a ceremony honoring WWII veteran E.G. Rubio at La Bahia Restaurant in Goliad.