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The Cuero High School Anchor Club and National Honor Society recently sponsored a prom for Life Skills students, a service project going into its fifth year. Cuero can be proud of its youth who exhibit all that is good about serving their fellow classmates and community.

As for the LS students, they had a blast. Prom is an event they look forward to all year long, and the outpouring of smiles, laughter and excitement was electrifying.

Who wouldn’t find entertaining the deftness of humor as two young men tease one another vying for the affection s of a young lady with lines like, "I see you've been keeping my girl company." My favorite was, "Not on your best day could you lace my boots, sir,"

Zingers like that one weren’t in short supply either. "Your job here is done," Lee, 18, quickly countered.” My job just started," Ross shot back.

I have to admit I was about to cry several times myself. The smiles and genuine expressions of joy were so infectious. The young ladies were dressed to kill, and the guys were, well they were guys, slick and sharp witted.

The teachers may have been holding back their tears of joy, but their outward expression of seeing their kids having so much fun was a light shining in the world. Our Father would be pleased, because on that day, those young men and women served not only one another but God as well by fulfilling Christ’s commandment, “YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.”*

*Matthew 22:36-40<