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If you've ever watched a photojournalist on an assignment you know that we take ALOT of photos to get the one or two that end up in the paper. Often times, for me anyway, we are playing with the light, composition, and moment so that we can get the shot that we really want. However, it doesn't always work out so we often end up with some pretty fun outtakes that never see the light of day. They just sit in dark folders of our computers begging to be set free. I thought that today I would free some outtakes from a Mutton Bustin' event at this year's Ziegfest in Yorktown. I really wanted to get some kids getting ready to bust a mutton but I never got it quite right. Oh well, I am sure that an assignment full of Mutton that need to be busted will cross my path again. This is Texas after all.

Trophies Image

A good luck...bite? Image

Watching the competition Image

I'm pretty sure he couldn't see through the helmet Image

Everyone's a winner Image