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Hey blog, its been a while.

It has been officially Fall for a few weeks now and stepping outside this former Michigander can feel the change as the cold air begins to descend upon us bringing beautiful color to crisp Autumn trees... ok maybe not, but is is a tad bit colder, right?

Anyway, since Summer is long gone and we are headed toward what I like to refer to as less-hot-summer, I thought that I would share what is probably my favorite photo of the summer.

I took this photo for this year's edition of Discover Victoria. It didn't end up being right for the magazine so it was never published but to me everything came together right, composition, light and moment. Plus, this kid was pretty cute. I hope you enjoy, and that you have a great "fake fall".


Zachary Bagnall, 3, reaches up to his dad, Russell (not pictured), for grapes to put in a bucket as the two help harvest grapes to make wine for Texas SouthWind Vineyard and Winery at the “Sutton Mott Vineyard” in Victoria. The Bagnall family is friends with the Stagg family, the owners of the winery, and came out for the first time this year to help with the harvest.