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This week as a photojournalist I learned that... shooting photos underwater is really hard.

Earlier this week I embarked on the best assignment of the week: a scuba diving class at the Victoria Aquatic Center (because I was in the office when it was suggested and yelled "dibs" the loudest of course).

Armed with my newest toy, a gopro hero capable of shooting photo and HD video underwater, I headed over to the pool ready to go for a swim and shoot some award-winning photos. Then I learned that shooting underwater and with a camera without a viewfinder is really hard. Turns's dark underwater. Who knew?

Despite my hardships I managed to come out with a few photos that might maybe possibly work for the paper and some video clips that I have yet to go through. Expect to see them in an upcoming Sunday paper and understand that I really did try, although the outcome wasn't as I had hoped.

On a side note, although the photos weren't as I had wanted I did manage to take quite a few less-than-flattering images of myself as I turned on and off the camera. This is the only one where I don't look like a gross sea creature. Enjoy!