Entries for March, 2012 in Advocate Photo Blog

  • tkrainin

    Why We Published the Pit Bull Photo

    By tkrainin in Advocate Photo Blog

    With all the commotion over the pit bull photograph ā€“ 141 comments and counting ā€“ I thought our readers might want to hear the perspective of the person who created it. Iā€™m also the Advocate photo/video editor, so I take ...

  • angeliwright


    By angeliwright in Advocate Photo Blog

    My photo adventures this rainy weekend took me to the Texas Our Texas event at the Mitchell Guidance Center. Along with the usual anachronisms I also found my new friend Irenie. Irenie is a camel. She was at the event ...

  • jhinderliter


    By jhinderliter in Advocate Photo Blog

    I spent the majority of this past weekend in Austin. Not much could really contend with the way my Sunday turned out. I went to Kite Fest in Zilker park with a pretty girl on a gorgeous cloudless day. There ...

  • jhinderliter


    By jhinderliter in Advocate Photo Blog

    Journalists have to travel fairly frequently, and this has definitely been true for me as of late. Even if I'm traveling by my lonesome, I still try and make photos for fun.