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Election night has long come to a close in America. Many citizens are still settling in to the news of the night, some are planning their moves to some other country that they think might better suit them and journalists are fighting to return to their normal sleep schedules after a long night of cold pizza and tracking down politicians after hours. While Tuesday's excitement is still on people's minds I thought that I would share a photo that I was fond of from election night.

Tuesday I was assigned to follow Sandra McKenzie, the Democratic candidate for 24th District Judge in the Crossroads. In case you didn't hear, McKenzie lost the race to Jack Marr by quite a margin. As a journalist it is never easy being assigned to cover the person who loses. Most people would rather be present to witness a person's triumph and joy over being a part of one's public defeat. On top of that, our viewers often would rather see victory. So sometimes, and in this case, the limited space in the paper goes to the winner and a photographer's hard work is limited to the web.

Despite the hardships of the night, McKenzie was a joy to spend the evening with. I got to meet a supportive group of family and friends, listen to her mother beam with pride about her daughter when she left the room and read a touching text message that encompassed the spirit of Democracy and competition that her husband sent to the opponent that morning.

I also got to take this photo of McKenzie and her husband, J.P. Hardy, III campaigning in absolutely gorgeous evening light outside of Holy Family Catholic Church.


All in all it was a good election night for me as a photojournalist. I wanted to say thank you to Sandra McKenzie for letting me bother her all day.

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